Yuchimun Pottery white ceramic cup やちむん宮城陶器 白いカップ

AAA selection - Japanese pottery 

Okinawa Yachimun pottery

Yachimun pottery is a traditional craft of Okinawa, Japan developed under the influence of porcelain techniques from mainland Japan as well as other parts of Asia. Their kilns have been active for over 300 years.

Craftsman practise their beautiful traditional designs in pleasant colors that represent Okinawa's tropical climate and more relaxed lifestyle.

Yachimun pottery is durable and widely used as everyday throught Japan.

Potter Masayuki Miyagi trained for 10 years at Yachimun pottery Iki kiln and established his own studio in 2013 , Okinawa prefecture,Japan.


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 Size : H 10cm / φ9cm



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