Venice Jewellery - Imperfect Beauty earrings, silver

Hand-made sterling silver climbing vine earrings with onyx stones. Earrings are odd.

Venice Jewellery is cute and pop but very elegant. The designer, Venice Rish's jewellery has roots Australia and London where she studied and lived since 2008. She recently graduated at Central Saint Martins in London and now lives back in Sydney where she has her studio.
Most of her earrings are sold as single pieces that you can wear individually, so you can enjoy coordinating your own pairs. People often obsess over her work, collecting many pieces to mix and match with. 
Venice Rish loves to work collaboratively with leading Australian fashion designers also has featured in the number of publications such as Oyster, Russh, Yen, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Grazia, Another Magazine, and online media TV/Film channels... 
Rish likes to launch her new collections with an exhibition encompassing her other passions of photography and sculpture. Her photography was represented by Sara Roney gallery in Sydney in 2013 and her sculpture and design work shortlisted for SOYA Qantas Spirit of the Youth awards, in 2012-2013.
Venice Jewellery’s latest collection builds upon her highly successful collection Stars Don’t Stand Still, delving into the ever fascinating terrain of space and its infinite possibilities. Known for her hand-made fine creations in sterling silver, rose gold and dichroic glass, her latest capsule collection focuses around a figure dancing on the moon. Using articulations and dichroic glass cabochons, pieces are hand-made in sterling silver and reflect the mysteriousness of movement under moonlight.
Imperfect Beauty earring - silver  | Sterling sliver and onyx.
Venice Jewelryはポップでキュートでありながらもエレガントで女性らしさがあります。デザイナー、ベニスはロンドンのCentral Saint Martinsを卒業し、現在は出身地シドニー在住。
彼女のピアスは組み合わせが自在なようにひとつずつ(片方)選び楽しむことができます。ベニスはオーストラリアのファッション・デザイナーともコラボレーションし、Oyster, Russh, Yen, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Grazia などの雑誌やオンラインメディア、テレビで活躍し注目されています。
コレクション『Stars Don’t Stand Still』では宇宙の無限大の可能性と自然界にある魅力的な形をもとにデザインしています。月の光の元で輝きを増すダイクロイックガラスカボッションをハンドメードのオリジナルジュエリーの施して独自特有のミステリアスな雰囲気を醸し出すこのコレクションのジュエリーは中でも人気です。

Collections: Accessories, Wardrobe

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