Tooth + Nail

Tooth + Nail is about the journey of discovery and the fight for things you treasure - often the best things don't come easy....
Our jewellery is made from hand selected antique silverware, chosen for the beautiful form, patina, markings that come from its past lives. We then recreate it into pieces designed for everyday wear. 
Every piece of Tooth + Nail jewellery is limited edition and comes in a velvet pouch, for safe keeping.
Select your pendant when ordering:
1 - Evangeline (70mm)
2 - Judah (80mm)
3 - Mirabel (95mm)
4 - Cora (93mm)
5 - Eliza (60mm)
6 - Millicent (65mm)
7 - Cecilia (120mm)
8 - Adeline (75mm)
9 - Nellie (110mm) 
Length of sterling silver cable chain - 24 inches

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