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Martina Organics 

Hand blended in small batches, Martina Organics is an artisanal skin care range using certified organic ingredients.

Selected from both New Zealand and more exotic locales like Morocco, Japan, Africa and Israel, our botanical oils harness the power of plants that have been used by civilisations for hundreds of years. Martina organics belief that It’s the simplicity of nature; it’s what your skin craves. It’s all the things you want in a skincare regime

Sleep Spray / Facial Mist

Limited addition Sleep Spray / Facial Mist with complimentary organic cotton bag.

Designed to support a healthy, restorative and good night’s sleep, as well as relax and calm the mind. It also doubles up as a soothing facial mist, perfect those hot Summer days ahead.

Application: spray a few times around the room, onto bed linen or face, and body at night time. 

This product is best used within six months once opened while the ingredients are fresh and active. It can be stored up to one year if kept out of direct sunlight.

Ingredients – 100ML

A soothing blend of antioxidant rich Organic Rose Water, calming and relaxing Organic Cedarwood, Manuka and Palmarosa Essential Oil.

Please keep it out of direct sunlight.

The label peels right off so you can re-use the bottle in any way you like.


Martina Organics 



Sleep Spray/Facial Mist(限定商品)



直射日光の当たらない涼しい場所に保管してください。最長1年間保存することができますが 、開封後は6カ月以内に使用してください。


Collections: Bathroom, Wardrobe

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