Kihara - Komon Plates キハラ 小紋 取皿

Komon (小紋 - Japanese) which means "emblem" in English are plates for sharing and giving with each pattern having an implied meaning:

Cloisonné / sequenced circles (七宝) ー Infinity - for great relationships and great properties 

Waves (青海波) ー Repeat wave shapes - for business success.

Arrows (矢羽根) ー The arrow hits the target - for a great great marriage.

Net (網目) ー The sequent pattern of the net - for scooping up happiness.

Linen leaf (麻の葉)ーThe linen plant grows strong and steady - for protecting your children.

Kihara is a modern line produced by Arita pottery. Arita is where white porcelain was first introduced to Japan through the old silk road. This style of Japanese pottery ( Aritayaki Porcelain ) is now among the most renowned in the world. 

150 x 25 mm  |  Porcelain  |  Microwaveable  |  Dishwasherable  |  Made in Japan


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