Kanehen mobile #3


Artist - Shiori Miyajima (blacksmith)

 Mobile #3, made by Brass. 

This is one-off products, made by Japanese artisan. 

Gifu Japan


After graduating from Geidai Art School in 1998, Shiori focussed on creating daily wear items. She has since her focus on creating whimsical mobiles. The process behind these mobiles consists of planing metal sheets with a hammer and hand forming the mobiles herself. She uses mainly the brass and copper that she previously used to make tableware.


Shiori uses metal work as a way to express herself. She notes that she is attracted by the gradual changes of metal through forming it herself and how metal ages. She enjoys having total control by way of her hands, intuition and sound.


Her delicate Kanehen mobile will create a sense of harmony in your space, with the elegant movement being peaceful to watch and can be viewed at our Auckland studio. 


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