Kamasada Bottle Opener - Cast Iron  釜定 栓抜き

Kamasada was established more than 100 years ago in the Tohoku region, Japan, famous for producing iron goods in. 

Owned by the renowned Nobuho Miya, the third generation of his family, has become one of most influential designers responsible for introducing Japanese cast iron to the world. Living in Finland in his early years has had an influence on his design aesthetic, which he’s seamlessly infused with more traditional Japanese designs. 
Kamasada’s cast-iron is a touch lighter than traditional casting making it easier to use and gives it a more informal purpose. It’s fantastic material to have in your home - it’s solid, lasts a lifetime if cared for and ages well. Nobuho is quoted as saying 'the rusting of the iron is a part of the attraction'. 

size : large        120 x 50 mm

      :medium  103 x 38 mm | weight:50g

       : small       48 × 80 mm



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