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A designer by training, artist by nature; Daniel Kamp describes himself as an obsessive futurist who feels compelled to contribute to evolution through creativity. He received a number of awards in his career. He recently started his own company to focus on his true creative passion, the exploration of new ideas and technologies. His collections combine some of the world's most advanced 3D printing technologies with handcraft in an attempt to bring uniqueness and diversity back to the objects we own. The collection will include a wide range of objects including Jewelry, homewares, products, lightings...
Here is the first drop from us - Jewellery


Fungi Ring - Customised to order 

3D printed precious metal ring, featuring an irregular wire-frame polyhedron inspired by the simultaneously architectural and organic form of the fungi species Clathrus Ruber.



- Single ring - Solid Sterling Silver.

- Bold, organic wire-frame polyhedron supported by delicate ring.

- High precision details.

- Contrasting polished exterior finish and raw interior detail showing subtle build-lines from the 3D printing process.



Made custom to any size - please provide required ring size in mm at checkout. 

Available in sizes 14,15,16,17,18,19, 20, 21, 22, 23mm

- Any larger sizes can be ordered custom for an extra cost.


Lead Time and Shipping:

This item will be shipped approximately 7-10 business days after an order is placed for it to be made specifically for you. This item will be sent directly to your address by our fabrication partners. Price does not included any import taxes that may be incurred on arrival to your country.



Gold Fungi Rings are fabricated in a five step process involving high precision 3D printing and lost wax casting. The pieces are carefully hand polished to a smooth, shiny exterior finish and and contrasting raw interior finish. Note: Due to fabrication tolerances, an exact fit cannot be guaranteed. recommends ordering rings in a approximate size that might fit more than one finger.

Made in New York





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