4th Market Milk Pan 4thマーケット ミルクパン

4th Market Milk Pans 

Available in black and white, these ceramic milk pans are crafted in Mie Prefecture, Japan. Featuring smooth walnut wood handles with a beautiful wooden plug detail fixing it to the ceramics. 
It’s great for warming up your drinks such as milk or mulled wine…also ideal for heating a small meals. 
• Not induction system friendly.
• Do not use in an oven.
• Recommend to wash with care by hand with soap, not dishwasher friendly.
  Dry after wash
• When caring for wood, it’s best not to soak for too long otherwise cracking might appear. 
4th market - Mie prefecture, Yokkaichi city which was on the route for traveling Samurai. Merchants settled there about 250 years ago when they discovered the local clay was ideal for pottery. Ceramics from Yokkaichi are now known as Kobanyaki and are much revered in Japan and around the world. 
4th market has founded in 2005 when four companies joined forces to grow their business. Combining younger designers and with traditional craftsmen they create stylish and functional products for modern Japanese use and now have a strong following in Japan of loyal customers.


Size: W170×D260×H105





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