Motomu Oyama Plate - Small

Japanese Artist and Creator, Motomu Oyama works with iron, creating abstract sculptural objects, as well as plates, and vessels. Oyama uses the properties of iron and specific methods to create texture on his iron pieces. Motomu's pieces are inspired by his natural surroundings at home in Kumage, each piece carries an organic aesthetic and is simply beautiful. 

Small Black Iron Plate

Dimensions: Dia 8.5cm x H 0.5cm

Material: Iron

Made in Japan



2007年 自然豊かな山口県にアトリエを開設、鉄のオブジェクトの創作に従事する。

鉄故の佇まい、 経年により変化してゆくもの、その固有の変化や景色、日本人の侘び寂びを、陶芸とは違う表情と共に、日本の美意識を表現しています。


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