Markantonia - Winter candle マークアントニア ウィンターキャンドル

Hand poring, seasonal Eco-soy candle from NZ artisans...


Antonia De Vere and Mark Seeney are a couple who share their creative endeavours in Flowers, Furniture and Living as their Business Markantonia Ltd.

As living, they offer a seasonal range of Eco-Soy candles. Their candles are made in New Zealand by Mark and Antonia. Hand poured in their Studio in Auckland. Their fragrances are of natural origin where possible, or the most eco-friendly choice first. They choose to use Eco-Soy as an Eco-friendly and vegan alternative.

Mark Antonia Seasonal candles make a great gifts for the home or add a special ambience to an event such as wedding or a show room.

Their seasonal candles are bespoke, tailored and personally tested, mixed and poured to create a scent that is individual and captures the essence of what inspires them each season. 


Winter Candle 

The combination of Burnt Fig, Cassis and Citrus creates a rich heady and warm fragrance, reminiscent of cosy evenings in doors with an open fireplace and friends around a beautiful shared meal. 


300ml with an average burn time of 60-65hrs if burnt correctly. 

Their other season's candles are available from here



 Winter Candleは
シトラス フルーツ、焼きイチジクとカシスの組み合わせは




平均燃焼時間 60−65時間 


Collections: Bathroom, Kitchen, Living, Wardrobe

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