February 20, 2018


Fraser Chatham - NZ photographer

Fraser Chatham is a talented photographer, based in Auckland.

He's worked on many artists and designers locally also he works for big clients doing some commercial work for overseas as well. Please see Fraser's website from here - www.fraserchatham.com


We had shared office previously and he offered us kindly to take some shots with our products. It was so pleasure working with him on this project and very inspiring to see how he takes some beautiful technical shots. His dedication to his work and the set for the shoot is very intricated and amazing to watch. Please check the link that we attached, his stunning work for us!







and his white lighter images - Kobo Aizawa cutleries.   



February 11, 2018


Lovely Melbourne alleys and buildings

Fitzroy, Gertrude St,


MoVida, great tapas 

Fitzroy - Johnston St 

Naked for Satan 

CBD - Near by Flinders Ln, 

Fitzroy north - Kerr st, 

January 27, 2018


Back number Journal story - Shotoku Glass Co.

Back number journal story - Shotoku Glass Co. 



松徳硝子 世界中で賞賛されるうすはり硝子の職人技を東京錦糸町に位置する作業場を訪れ、取材させてただきました。


バックナンバーストーリー by アン アスチュート アッセンブリー




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松徳硝子 関連ジャーナル記事

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January 22, 2018


Ando Tadao - Chichu museum


Ando Tadao Architecture - Chichu Museum  

安藤忠雄 建築 地中海 美術館

彼の建築物が好き 発想が好き minimumだけど大胆さが好き

コンクリートの壁に外からの光が差し込む その間接照明の光りが中に届き

静かに展示されている芸術品を優しく 包み込む


直島の美術館に訪れ、大きなClaude Monet の絵の前に立った時 



直島を訪れた時に出会った 安藤忠雄氏の自伝本 『仕事をつくる』はとても良く、


彼の波乱万丈の生い立ちや 彼の代表作の裏話など盛りだくさん 必見です。



January 21, 2018


Attention to details

Apply French seams as much as I can.

My rule.

ディテールにこだわる できるだけ

機械じゃできない仕事 手仕事だからできることをこだわってする。

これからの世界にとても大事なことなのかなって 思う。


One of my favourite place in our house.







January 19, 2018


Our habitat - A wonderful world


We live in the beautiful nature. Think further for the clean Earth and the great ecology system to maintain our wonderful habitat forever. 


私たちの美しい住みか 地球

ずっとずっと先の未来に目を向けて この素晴らしい場所





January 17, 2018


A sight of beautiful thing ...

In my zone... 



物事に集中していると特に ふとした瞬間 はっとするような


そこでどれだけその美しい物を鑑賞したり ぼーっと見つめる事が出来るのか。





January 17, 2018


New Year 2018 !

Hiroshi Sugimoto's work - Photographer, architect


I adore his work so much...particularly the series of theatre shot that he does for his work and the seascape ...These images made me so happy that it brings some sort of relief or potentials to the future... the demolition site, the light and the composition of everything....

I love the beautiful things...I will easily get magnetised. It can be objects, can be in nature, can be human or it's weird habits etc... whatever it moves my heart..  Evaluating art in one of my favourite things to do to train my sense. it's very therapeutic for me.

I will keep a lil note here to share some little bit of my aspects /visions....like a diary

It's my new resolution x


写真/建築家 杉本 博司さんの作品に、いつもパワーを貰います。



続くかな?どうかな? もうすでに自身に問い掛けている自体怪しい。笑



直島 ー Naoshima art Island 


December 14, 2017


Displaying at The Shelter for the Motomu Oyama Exhibition - until 20th of Dec.

 An Astute Assembly is proudly presents Motomu Oyama's exhibition. 

We've been busy creating a lovely space at one of our amazing stockists in Auckland, The Shelter, for the Japanese craftsman, Motomu  Oyama's iron/enamel work. 

It's been a pleasure to hold the event showing his popular works that it's been featured all over the world recently. Motomu has been very busy this year doing shows in places like, Shanghai, Taiwan and also all over Japan. He is a designer that cares deeply about the aesthetic, so we are very honoured and excited to handle his work here in NZ to introduce to you. 


Motomu Oyama Ironwere - Vases  


His work is very minimal and beautiful and the combinations of dry and fresh flower arrangements are embracing his intentionally imperfect which embraces the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi. 


Moon plate - as if it's the moons surface... one of Oyama's more romantic pieces. 

His objects are so simple and smart that they can be versatile. It's use is up to the owner. 


This event will run until the 20th of Dec, If you haven't made this rare opportunity to see his range of work yet, please come in to touch and feel his world. 

These beautiful images form our talented friend - Liz Clarkson  

Archive - Dec, 2017 


December 05, 2017

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Motomu Oyama Exhibition

An Astute Assembly presents - Motomu Oyama "26" Exhibition
Rustic elegance of Wabi-Sabi balanced with Modern industrial style
At The Shelter
29th Nov - 20th Dec

  "26" is one of his collections of minimal and abstract objects.  26 is the atomic number of iron.   


When you think of iron, something heavy, hard and cold like factory and pipes come to mind. But his iron looks soft, elegant and just simply beautiful.  It is because his works are inspired by nature.  Living in the wild allows him to create metal pieces connected to nature.   


Motomu's work continues to evolve, as he experiments with the material for a deeper understanding of the properties of iron. He says that the way iron rusts, melts, bends has not and will never change, so he needs to have a flexible mind to change his perception for the material, in order to achieve what he envisions.  


His background…


Graduated from art school in Tokyo (Setsu Mode Seminar), Motomu was a graphic designer for a clothing line initially, and did various illustrations for CD covers, posters and ads.  His obsession with iron started when he did a project involving 3D metal work.  He was so mesmerized by the beauty of iron and what he can express with it that he has not stopped working with iron ever since.  He produced several building signs for popular music venues and art gallery spaces. He was heavily involved with the art scene.

Motomu was based in Tokyo until 10 years ago when he decided to move his studio to his home town in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Kumage, which is on the southwest side of the main Honshu island.  Most of his works are inspired by the lush nature surrounding his studio.  



Whether you simply serve tea or coffee on it...  use it to hold jewellery or candles... or casually throw it on top of your ottoman as an interior piece...  it will make a subtle yet bold statement in your house.  So how would you harmonise his iron with nature?


                 So how would you harmonize his iron with nature?