November 05, 2016

Ready for Summer ?

Introducing new sleek black glasses from Shotoku glass Co. with a great Gin Tonic recipe 


There is nothing better than a gin and tonic on a sunny afternoon and these days the classic g&t is developing into something much more special. There are endless boutique gins and delicious tonics.

You can be really creative with garnishes too, resulting in a beautiful and elegant drink to serve guests or just for yourself at home.


Here is just one of the endless combinations which I think is spot-on using natural NZ made


45 ml Black Robin Rare Gin

+ East Imperial Burma Tonic

+ orange slice

+ juniper berries & fresh thyme sprigs

Black Robin Rare Gin has no sugars, preservatives, additives or softeners. Low calorie & gluten free. A percentage of profits is donated to the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand.

East Imperial Burma Tonic is made using traditional methods with natural ingredients, NZ artisan spring water, more quinine, less sugar and a fine champagne style bubble.


Recipe and photography by Liz Clarkson.


We are super excited to introduce Shotoku glassware’s sleek black range of glasses in matte and gloss finishes.

These special glasses have a unique story too. In the 90’s Shotoku Glass Co. struggling with excess stock that was no longer in vogue. In a bold attempt to breath new life into the factory, they decided to melt down all the unwanted glasses of many colours and reshape them into a beautifully contemporary style. Ill the coloured glass melted into a rich black and they we’re an immediate success, giving the raging factory a new start and paving the way for their popularity today.

These glasses are made with the same technique and meticulous care and craft as our popular clear "Usuhari" glass range, which are hand blown by Japanese artisans. Watch the video below for a full appreciation of just how it’s done. Their kiln runs at 2000 degrees – we visited them in spring and the workshop it was really hot, just imagine how hot would be in the middle of a hot Japanese summer!

Available online now at

The products we used for this shoot...
Now our products are available from our online and The Shelter and Blush in Auckland.