May 25, 2017

Kintsugi Workshop with An Astute Assembly


It was such a popular workshop ! We were at capacity only two days after announcing it on social media. 

We invited Ai Gomi to take teach everyone the techniques, she was great, we all gathered around her for an informal, homely session. Thanks to everyone who joined us for the workshop for wanting to learn these traditional Japanese skills.

Kintsugi is repairing the broken pieces (mainly of ceramics) with lacquer and golden powder. Often you will find it more beauty in there than the original piece... this is like a Japanese philosophy of wabisabi which means embracing of the flawed or imperfect.

We are looking for an opportunity to run this workshop again soon, so please sign-in to our milling list from our website to stay tuned.

Here are some of the images from workshop below. Enjoy!

These beautiful pictures were taken by Liz Clarkson who makes everything looks so beautiful and alive. Thank you so much, Liz. we love working with you.

Below in the photography is the three steps covered in the workshop.

NZ Auckland Ponsonby のブティック The Shelter にて
『金継ぎWork Shop』を開催しました!



Step 1 -  Glueing broken pieces back on. (chipped or broken few pieces...)



Step 2 - Carving and sanding to make smooth surface. 



Step 3 - finishing with Lacquer with golden powder. 


Thank you so much for supporting us ! 

20th & 21st May 2017