January 26, 2017

The art of Japanese Furoshiki

Please check the NZ food magazine 「dish」summer issue. We are introducing how to Use a Japanese Wrapping Cloth Furoshiki. Dish Magazine 

Photographer by Greta Van Der Star 

ニュージーランドのフードマガジン『dish』にて An Astute Assembly - AAA より風呂敷の使い方のご紹介が記載されてます。NZにお住いの方々ぜひお手にとってみてくださいね〜。



Furoshiki translates literally as “bath blanket” – this simple square piece of cloth was once used in Japan to wrap one’s clothes in while taking a dip at the public baths.

But for more than a thousand years, it has taken on many functions: wrapping gifts, carrying things, bundling items, protecting precious contents, using it to sit on...

And now Yuka O’Shannessy and her business partner Yoko Shimoyama have introduced this ancient practice to New Zealanders through their business, An Astute Assembly (AAA).

Part of the appeal of furoshiki is how incredibly versatile it is and Yuka believes its increasing popularity is also about its ecofriendliness. “I think it’s very viable at the moment. I can see a lot of young people using this as a bag. Like an eco-bag – but you can change it!”

The cloth comes with a set of instructions, introducing several ways you can tie it, depending on what you’d like to use it for – but Yuka says once you start tying, you’ll probably discover more yourself.

We here at Dish, of course, chose a grocery style bag and a bottle carrier. Yuka suggests buying a bottle of something delicious andusing the cloth as gift wrap – that way the recipient gets two presents in one.

The furoshiki cloths the pair have available are 100 per cent cotton (silk can also be used for more elegant knots) and while the tradition of furoshiki goes back centuries, AAA have chosen their fabrics to appeal to a modern market. The same mix of tradition and modernity goes for many of the beautiful items available at AAA.

“We have products that have a hundred years behind them and more than one generation – so those products have stories, usually as to why they have carried on so long,” says Yuka.


Great year to begin for us ... x

Happy 2017 !!!