March 08, 2017

Donabe demo at The Shelter NZ

Donabe Demo

An Astute Assembly presents a demo at The Shelter.

A demonstration on how to make tasty rice the 
authentic Japanese way using beautiful 
Japanese kitchen utensils.

Place: The Shelter Ponsonby
Date :18th of March (Sat)
Time: 11:00 - 13:00
Free session

Serving onigiri (Japanese rice-balls) on bamboo leaf with cold Japanese tea.


You don't need to book for this demo, Just come in and join us at The Shelter as we make the tasty rice. It's one session only. You can come and go anytime during the event. We will do this in The Shelter's beautiful coat-yard, pop out the back when you come (If it rains we'll move inside)

We''l do tasting and talk you through preparation techniques and creative ways to enjoy Japanese rice at the end of the event. So get involved and let's have some fun together !!!



Making the tasty rice with donabe

We will show how to cook rice with Donabe, a traditional Japanese ceramic pot. Cooking with Donabe creates a great texture and taste for the rice. It also has an amazing structure that makes it easy to use. 

We will 
also show you few ways to arrange rice for special occasions.

These donabe are made with traditional Iga workmanship. Iga is an ancient province with 1,300 years of history. Iga-Yaki is considered to be one of the most highly regarded regional potteries of Japan. 

There are many ways to cook with a donabe and it is very important how you care for your donabe to give it a long life. We will be talk about these tips on the day.


this image by Clara Pafundi 


How to arrange the rice 

Using the beautiful cider made "Hangiri" to mix the rice with some choice ingredients.
The fragrance of cedar wood will lightly flavour the rice beautifully. 
We will make a small onigiri at the session for tasting and show you fun ways to arrange with the rice for your table.

We will use the 
freeze dried powder, cooked beans and salmon flakes to gain colour for your rice.  

We're super happy to bring you this fusion of culture and taste.


On the day:

We are selling all the utensils that we use on the day at the shelter. But the numbers are limited, so we also take the pre-order of these tools on the day if they sell out.  

Those that join us on the day and register our mailing list & like our Instagram, you can get a ticket to win a beautiful cast iron trivet! So please bring your friends and family.

Look forward to seeing you there ! 


Don't forget to pencil it in your diary !

Schedule :
Donabe demo, 18th March Saturday, 11 AM - 1 PM  |  Free session

Look forward to having you there to experience this fun event !