December 14, 2017


Displaying at The Shelter for the Motomu Oyama Exhibition - until 20th of Dec.

 An Astute Assembly is proudly presents Motomu Oyama's exhibition. 

We've been busy creating a lovely space at one of our amazing stockists in Auckland, The Shelter, for the Japanese craftsman, Motomu  Oyama's iron/enamel work. 

It's been a pleasure to hold the event showing his popular works that it's been featured all over the world recently. Motomu has been very busy this year doing shows in places like, Shanghai, Taiwan and also all over Japan. He is a designer that cares deeply about the aesthetic, so we are very honoured and excited to handle his work here in NZ to introduce to you. 


Motomu Oyama Ironwere - Vases  


His work is very minimal and beautiful and the combinations of dry and fresh flower arrangements are embracing his intentionally imperfect which embraces the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi. 


Moon plate - as if it's the moons surface... one of Oyama's more romantic pieces. 

His objects are so simple and smart that they can be versatile. It's use is up to the owner. 


This event will run until the 20th of Dec, If you haven't made this rare opportunity to see his range of work yet, please come in to touch and feel his world. 

These beautiful images form our talented friend - Liz Clarkson  

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