March 06, 2016


Window installation at The Shelter - Autumn/Winter table setting ...

Another window installation at The Shelter.

It's been great fun styling with some of our newer arrivals and seeing what we can achieve with these beautiful pieces - Thank you to the team at The Shelter. 

In this Autumn / Winter setting we've mixed our stylish darker toned tableware in a natural setting with kokedama ( Japanese moss balls ).

This is 'Omotenashi' - which defines the culture of Japanese hospitality. 

'O-MO-TE-NA-SHI' literally translates as 'to entertain guests wholeheartedly', but it goes a bit deeper than that.

Have a good look - hopefully there's some inspiration in there for you. 

Hasami-Porcelain Black large plate / Kobo Aizawa black stainless cutlery / Kihachi komon plate / Usuhari tumblers.
Kokedama making workshop:
9th April from 10:30 ~ at The Shelter's beautiful court yard. $60/per person. Includes all the materials and a Kihara Komon Plate (worth $35) and snack & drinks.
And you get to take your kokedama creation home with you. 
Limited number for this session, so be quick ! 
Book in advance at the shelter or email us: 

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