March 04, 2016


Kokedama Workshop

Does anyone want to join us for the Kokedama workshop on 9th April, at a beautiful location in central Auckand.... the lovely courtyard area in The Shelter boutique ? 

We are trying to have fun with a nature and mix with our traditional beautiful products. This experience of "Wabi Sabi "will give you an idea of how to live in the modern life to insert a zen style in to your space.

Peaceful easy steps session in the beautiful environment will hopefully attracts lots of people to join us...



Limited number of tickets are available, send the enquiry via or at The Shelter. Leave your detail there and make the booking now !

Date : 9th of April (Sat) from 10:30 am ~ (Duration about 1hour.)

Hope to see you there !!


You can have a lovely coffee and lunch at Eat cafe within The Shelter. Enjoy the relaxing time at the end of workshop.  xxx    AAAteam 

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