February 04, 2016

We coming to Ponsonby Central again !!

It's close to Valentine's day, 14th February !!

Hope you have a lovely idea ahead to surprise your loved ones this year x

We are doing another Pop-up store at lovely Ponsonby Central, Auckland, NZ

From 8th to 14th Feb ( Tue - Sun )  /  Open hour - 10 am to 5 pm.

Please swing by and see us if you are in town !

We'll have a lovely gift ideas lined up in the store. 



Also, during the pop-up store, we are doing demonstration of filter coffee with lovely local coffee roaster from Eighthirty for the tasting.  We are using and showing our great Japanese coffee tools to do the demo. They are look truly beautiful as well as mechanically amazing. 

Filter coffee is the way to experience and enjoy the pure flavour of the coffee.

Hope you'll discover the difference of taste from the authentic espresso machine coffee.  



Hope to see you soon !  xx  AAA team