January 25, 2016


Happy 2016 & Introducing 4th Market

Happy New Year for 2016 ! 
Sending our love and very best wishes for this new year ahead. - An Astute Assembly xxx

Last year was amazing year for us. We really appreciate all your support and love. Thank you.

This year we're keen to achieve more than ever with lot's of interesting news and events, as well as more insights from the creators of our beautiful goods. 

In 2016, we will also bring you tips and tricks for making the most out of your day with new ways to improve your well being and state of mind.   

Stay tuned !!  xoxoxo


                                                     4th Market 
4th market is from Mie prefecture, Yokkaichi city which was on the route for traveling Samurai. Merchants settled there about 250 years ago when they discovered the local clay was ideal for pottery. Ceramics from Yokkaichi are now known as Bankoyaki and are much revered in Japan and around the world. 
4th market has founded in 2005 when 4 companies joined forces to grow their business. Combining younger designers and with traditional craftsmen they create stylish and functional products for modern Japanese use and now have a strong following in Japan of loyal customers. 

This fine ceramic cup from 4th Market is now available from our online store and Eighthirty coffee roasters in NZ.
4th Market has grown rapidly since they renewed their range to focus on contemporary style and modern living, however the techniques they use to create their products haven’t changed. Their traditional craft is second to none, having years of experience that can only be used to define products like theirs. When you hold their products, you'll know what I mean


Available in black and white, featuring smooth walnut wood handles with a beautiful wooden plug detail attaching it to the ceramics. 
It’s great for warming up your drinks such as red wine and cinnamon sticks…also ideal for heating a small meals. 

Food can be such an important part of life, you want to make it a pleasure every time you can. 

If cooking for someone you care about, try this: 

We love going to Neat Meat in Ponsonby central, because it's local -  a favourite part of town, The meat there is so fresh, and we're delighted that they have real Wagu beef - quality Japanese beef. 

Get some Wagu beef and ask them to mince it for you... cook your usual bolognese  sauce or make meat patties - both are great for leftovers the next day too. You'll be amazed just how good this is - the taste of mincing quality meat is another flavour altogether... it's juicier too.

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                                                 Have a lovely week ! 

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