November 14, 2015

Drama (dream) sewing kit ...

Daruma x Syuro 

The inventive and meticulous Syuro have collaborated with the traditional and authentic thread company - Daruma from Kyoto, Japan, creating this beautiful and modern line of thread and sewing equipment.


This Daruma mark - Yokota Tread Company has been established since 1902. more than 100 years of history behind. They are always innovative and challenging to match by the modern life.  Drama threads are a regular goods in each home's sewing box. They are very popular as their great reputations its very smooth texture like silk also with this beautiful vivid color collection. This fine thread has durable strength that it's very hardly break.  



These new range has created to enhance the young generation to appreciate and be familiar with the joy of hand stitching. 
Collaborated with Syuro and they created these beautiful sewing kit & box, thread cutter. Now it's got an attention and reorganising of these freash products in overseas such as Paris and New York...


You could use the thread for embroidery, use 3 or 4 thread together just like normal embroidery thread.This vivid colour thread will enhance your style. 

We wish you will discover of joy of creativity.