April 16, 2016

Kokedama Workshop success

Our second workshop at The Shelter was great success !

Last Saturday we had a lovely day meeting everyone who came along to the Kokedama workshop at The Shelter. It was a perfect autumn morning, warm with gentle sunshine in the beautiful courtyard. What a fantastic group of people... thank you for joining us to learn this special Japanese craft!

Everybody made such gorgeous Kokedama, we hope you enjoy watching them getting established and growing.

The workshop was taught by the kind and talented Chika, we are grateful to have Chika here in NZ to share her knowledge with us. Also a big thank-you to Jordan at The Caker as for making our delicious (and so pretty) baby cup cakes, which everyone enjoyed with tea and coffee.

We look forward to holding more workshops like this in the future, keep an eye on our newsletters and Facebook page for the next event!